In the light of excessive anti-abortion laws being passed across the United States, Vogue aims to highlight a major option for safe abortions: abortion pills. Medication abortion, which involves taking mifepristone and misoprostol 48 hours apart to empty the uterus, is not often talked about in the media. Vogue spoke to 5 people who chose to have a medication abortion over a surgical one, hoping to share their experiences with those who may be wondering what to do. Mia, a 34-year-old who was frightened of COVID-19 exposure in 2020, opted for a medical abortion in the comfort of their home. Jen had a failed vacuum aspiration and used medication abortion to finally eliminate an unwanted pregnancy. Claire had a medication abortion at 16 years old in her boyfriend’s house, too scared to tell her parents what she was doing. Alina and Amy both recalled fearing going to Planned Parenthood and being picketed by anti-abortion protesters, so they wanted to terminate their pregnancy at home. Almost all of the interviewees mentioned using the services of Planned Parenthood, highlighting how important Planned Parenthood is in providing comprehensive reproductive care to millions of Americans.

Flickr Photos Creative Commons: Wheeler Cowperthwaite, Hand Holding Pill


Nast, C. (2022, November 13). What Is It Like to Have a Medication Abortion? 5 People Share Their Stories. Vogue.

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