Center events

  • Watch the recording of our March 10, 2021 Panel on Contraceptive Product Development with Kate Rademacher and Rebecca Callahan of FHI 360
  • Watch the recording of our SRH Symposium on March 19, 2021 
  • Recording of our SRH Advocacy Panel on April 16, 2021 coming soon.

Community events

We’re looking for dedicated undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate and interested in learning more about global reproductive health, sparking academic collaborations, and engaging in advocacy around Duke and in the larger community. 

How does the global health sector evolve to continue to deliver impact in a changing world? The TGHC 2021 conference is taking place after a year in which we experienced, and continue to experience, unprecedented health and social challenges. The conference will explore innovative and adaptive approaches that have emerged in response to these inequities and challenges.

Abstract submissions are due by 5 pm ET on September 10th. 

Join GWHT, The FLOW and Duke University Student Wellness Center for a collaborative and interactive event on September 1st at 6pm! This will be an evening of conversation about the history of sexual pleasure, learning about sexual pleasure devices, and participating in a guided reflection to de-stigmatize sexual pleasure and sexual health. RSVP at: