The Student Advisory Board aims to increase engagement with the Center by fostering academic collaboration and advocacy efforts. Now in its third year, the SAB has grown to encompass undergraduates and graduate students across Duke. Over the past few years, student work has been featured on the Center’s website as well as newsletters. Students have also helped bring in multiple speakers from various backgrounds, including researchers and SRH advocacy organizations.

This year, the Student Advisory Board consists of the Communications Working Group and the Events Working Group. I’m pleased to be working with Angela and Lauren as they are leading both of these groups and are planning incredible ways for students to get more involved with the Center. Hear more about the work they are doing below.

From Angela Huang, the Communications Working Group Chair: The Student Advisory Board Communications Committee, made up of both undergraduate and post-graduate students, sets out to form connections between the Duke student populace with the Center for Global Reproductive Health. Through publishing reflective blogs, conducting discussion-based meetings on current news, and assisting with the Center’s newsletter, the committee aims to have members engage more deeply with reproductive and sexual health issues. Moving forward, the Communications committee is also looking to add resources to help students navigate the reproductive health world during their time at Duke, including a reproductive health related course list for Program II students.

From Lauren Mitchell, the Events Working Group Chair: The Student Advisory Board Events Working Group is excited to connect students, researchers, and advocates through the Center and grow our network during the 2021-2022 academic year. Our team of 12 undergraduate students holds weekly meetings to collaborate across four project workstreams, which focus on increasing student engagement with the field of sexual and reproductive health, facilitating mentorship, and organizing programming events. Currently, Events is working to create a comprehensive resource database to highlight opportunities for students interested in SRH work across the following dimensions: coursework, research, internships, summer programs, volunteering, and graduate programs. Additionally, our team is developing a Mentorship Program, which aims to pair undergraduate students with a faculty member, researcher, advocate, or graduate student who specializes in their area of interest, as well as planning future events, such as panels and research symposiums.

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