Sara LeGrand

Sara Legrand | Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research

Serving as an Associate Research Professor of Global Health and as the co-director of the Duke Sexual and Gender Minority Health Program, Sara LeGrand has done incredible work in exploring health care disparities worldwide through her research and her teaching. Across her 10 years at Duke, Dr. LeGrand’s research has investigated HIV prevention & disparities among sexual and gender minorities and developed digital health interventions to improve antiretroviral adherence. Her research on sexual and gender minorities also explores social determinants of health that affect mental, physical, and social health outcomes globally. Recently, Dr. LeGrand has recently been published in the International Journal of Transgender Health in the study “Mental health and challenges of transgender women: A qualitative study in Brazil and India”, exploring the lived experiences of transgender women in low – and middle – income countries with high rates of transphobia and gender-based violence.


Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

In her work as the Director of Duke Global Health Institute’s Research and Design and Analysis Core, Elizabeth Turner’s primary methodological focus is on the statistical design and analysis of cluster randomized controlled trials. She has a special focus on implementing such trials in low resource settings while focusing on malaria, disability and disease burden, cardiovascular disease & mental health, and child health & education. In her experience being a part of a variety of multi-disciplinary projects, she believes deeply in strong study design and data collection. Dr. Turner has contributed to the recently published study “Can individuals’ beliefs help us understand nonadherence to malaria test results? Evidence from rural Kenya.” that explores the relationship between beliefs on malaria status and the overuse of artemisinin-based combination therapies in order to improve adherence to malaria-negative test results.


Congratulations to both Sara LeGrand and Liz Turner for their acceptance to the Leadership Journey Cohort!

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