Story by Karina Moreno Bueno, T’21

“Kiki with Louie” is a new YouTube show meant to provide sexual and reproductive health to LGBTQ. Advocates for Youth, a national nonprofit that focuses on SRH rights, is helping provide this YouTube show.

“Kiki” is a term used by the Queer community as a word for a conversational get-together with friends in which there might be gossip, politics, and/or advice. The show is based on the Youth Director for Advocates for Youth, Louie Ortiz has kikis with “young activists from the LGBTQ community”. Many of the guests include trans actors/actresses, musicians, and other youth from the LGBTQ community, among others. Louie and guests discuss dating, sexual health, consent, contraceptives, among other things that are pertinent for SRH education. Ortiz says that he is really excited to see the impact that this show will have on LGBTQ youth’s knowledge on reproductive health since much of the available sex education doesn’t focus on LGBTQ. Ortiz brings up that many LGBTQ youth aren’t included in their sexuality curriculums in school. As a result, many LGBTQ do not receive the adequate information to make informative decisions for the sexual health.

Ortiz explains that through “Kiki with Louie” LGBTQ youth will be able to “watch, learn, and ask questions” so that they can break down difficult conversations about SRH education. Furthermore, he brings up how this show serves as a platform for LGBTQ. Through providing more accessible education via the internet, LGBTQ youth can access it from a comfortable environment, they become empowered through having more sexual autonomy, and have the adequate information for protecting themselves from risky sexual behavior.

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