The KCHSSIP (Kisumu County Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan) 2018-2022 validation meeting held at the Acacia Hotel on 9th Nov 2018 saw the Kisumu County Health Department and a consortium of partners come together to finalize a plan, which is based on data from county health services over the last 5 years, as well as experiences and lessons learned during implementation of the first strategic plan from 2013 to 2017.

The plan attempts to effectively position the County Health Department in the correct contexts of the health system pillars: human resources for health, health technology and infrastructure, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, health governance and leadership, health service delivery, health financing, health information system, health sector policies and context and health sector social outcomes. It also examines county health burdens such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal diseases, skin diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases and non-communicable diseases.

The document has gone through a process of stakeholder’s participation and input and is now at the finalization stage. The plan will provide overall strategic and implementation framework for the County health sector priorities aimed at contributing towards the overall development goal of the county and other national commitments.

The Kisumu County Executive Committee Member for Health and Sanitation Dr. Rosemary Obara in her opening remarks said the developed roadmap will provide all actors in health sector direction to progressively achieve the county health goal to attain equitable, affordable, accessible and quality health care for people of Kisumu County by 2030.

The Plan put strategic emphasis on preventive, promotive and community health services, enhancement of service delivery in all levels of care by improving the functionality of the existing health facilities to meet the required standards, and the establishment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) anchored on increased NHIF coverage and accreditation of more facilities. Kisumu County is one of the four Pilot Universal Health Care Counties.

To further improve health service delivery, the plan provides for leveraging on devolved structures created by the county government to coordinate the planning and prioritizing for health, roads, environment, public health and sanitation. This will be complimented by setting up of a performance-based remuneration process for Community Health Volunteers (CHVs).

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