The World Health Organization has recently launched its new app entitled “Medical Eligibility Criteria For Contraceptive Use.” The purpose of the app is to allow anyone with a smartphone to be able to access recommendations for the best and proper contraceptive methods according to one’s medical conditions. The WHO released the fifth edition of the medical eligibility criteria (MEC) in 2015 as a 276 page document as “part of the process for improving the quality of care in family planning” for “guidance on the safety of various contraceptive methods for use in the context of specific health conditions and characteristics.” The app condenses this information into an easily accessible and user-friendly interface. MED takes into account a woman’s medical condition and history in order to note which contraceptive methods would adversely affect the woman and to note if the condition could interfere by making the contraceptive method less effective. It truly emphasizes safety as a priority to promote female reproductive health knowledge in regards to contraception. A woman is considered contraceptive eligible under the following four MED requirements: 1) A condition for which there is no restriction for the use of the contraceptive method 2) A condition where the advantages of using the method generally outweigh the theoretical or proven risks 3) A condition where the theoretical or proven risks usually outweigh the advantages of using the method 4) A condition which represents an unacceptable health risk if the contraceptive method is used. The app itself covers nine common types of contraception and a comprehensive list of possible medical conditions. By presenting an interface with a goal to protect female reproductive health, the WHO’s app is cutting edge in medical technology.


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