While a stream of statistics sheds valuable light on global impacts of HIV/AIDS, evaluations of programs and populations can make it easy to forget the epidemic, at its core, is about individuals.  Though words are among humanity’s most powerful tools, they may fail to convey the full narrative.  In a world divided by a plethora of languages, sometimes photographs–a universal form of communication–tell the best stories.

In preparation for #WorldAIDSDay2017 tomorrow, we’ve compiled a list of photo essays that document the impacts of HIV/AIDS over time and across the world.  Keep scrolling to check them out and learn about efforts to combat this issue around the globe.

Life on London’s First AIDS Ward” (photo courtesy Gideon Mendel)

26 Powerful Photos Of The US AIDS Crisis In The ’80s” (photo courtesy Barbara Alper/Getty Images)

Namibia’s HIV/AIDS and Poverty Crisis” (photo courtesy UNICEF)

Sex and Drugs in an HIV-Infected Paradise” (photo courtesy Mia Collis/PBS NewsHour)

HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe” (photo courtesy Malcolm Linton)

World AIDS Day 2012: Imagine being Kudirat” (photo courtesy UNICEF)

Living with AIDS in the Central African Republic” (photo courtesy UNICEF)

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