On Thursday November 2nd, Ivanka Trump traveled to Japan to speak at the World Assembly of Women. In her remarks, Trump commented on the importance of shaping a more realistic picture of women who work (be it in the home, outside, or a combination of both), and that women need to be afforded the same opportunities as their male peers.

As she talked about her daughter, she said: “It is my hope that by the time my daughter Arabella grows into a woman, she will not be defined by whether she works inside or outside the home. She will simply be a woman afforded the same opportunities as her male peers and equipped with the education and support she needs to fulfill her unique potential.”

For her daughter, or girls around the world to do this? They need access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Without the ability to decide and control their reproductive futures, girls choices are taken away from them. They will not be afforded the same opportunities as their male peers, be able to complete their education, or fulfill their potential.

Reproductive rights are an essential component to gender equality and economic empowerment. In order to realize Trump’s vision of our future world, she needs to begin by safe-guarding and implementing comprehensive reproductive health services around the world.

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